Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Château de Clotte, a true historic pearl nestled in the heart of the village of Les Salles-de-Castillon, just 20 minutes from the village of Saint Emilion, itself listed as a World Heritage Site by L UNESCO.

Built in 1782, this sumptuous building reflects the architectural splendor of the Louis This jewel rises in the heart of a natural setting made up of wooded hills, where the deep green shades of the pines contrast with the tender green of the vines.

Nestled within a diverse and preserved ecosystem, Château de Clotte is a privileged witness to a complex interaction between nature and man. Wooded hills, green meadows and expanses of vineyards create a landscape that is home to a variety of plant and animal species, contributing to the beauty, balance and tranquility of our environment.

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Château de Clotte opens the doors to an authentic and refined accommodation experience. Our elegantly furnished guest rooms offer breathtaking views of our vineyard and the hilly landscapes surrounding the castle. Each space is imbued with the timeless character of the estate, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a quiet retreat, or complete immersion in the ambiance of our winery, our guest rooms are designed to meet your needs.


These suites embody charm and comfort, providing our guests with an exceptional experience. The carefully appointed interiors, stylish furniture and subtly selected decorative touches create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Enjoy panoramic views of the castle's manicured gardens from your window. The attached bathroom is designed for your comfort, with modern and luxurious fittings.


Our lodge will envelop you in an atmosphere of rustic luxury. These suites are a tribute to the history of hunting, with their elegant and warm decor that evokes the spirit of the great hound hunts of the royal era. You will find carefully selected decorative elements and period-style furniture that add a touch of authenticity to your stay.


Our Spa, an oasis of softness in the heart of our wine estate.

Imbued with the elegant and soothing atmosphere of the castle, the spa invites you to relax and rejuvenate in an intimate and luxurious setting. A sauna, a hammam and an outdoor Nordic bath will provide you with the benefits necessary for relaxation and letting go. You can also treat yourself to a moment of deep relaxation and pure pleasure with a massage. Enter the bubble of suspended time and enjoy a pleasant moment of serenity.

Please note: the spa is not open to the public but reserved only for room guests.


Welcome to a world of charm and discovery, in the heart of the Castillon vineyards, located a few steps from the medieval city of Saint Emilion, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where every moment is an invitation to escape.

At Château de Clotte, we are proud to offer you an experience thanks to our tourist offer in and around Saint-Emilion, combining tradition, elegance and pleasure.

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